What’s included with each service

Standard Clean Deep Clean
All Rooms
Ceiling fans & light fixtures dusted included included
Moldings & Woodwork dusted, including baseboards included included
Outside of appliances wiped / shined (inside of microwave) included included
All sinks scrubbed and disinfected included included
All bathroom counters and fixtures sanitized included included
Cobwebs removed included included
Stovetop and drip pans scrubbed included included
Mirrors "windexed" included included
Wastebaskets emptied/washed/relined included included
Floors vacuumed and/or mopped included included
Top of refrigerator dusted included included
Blinds, windowsills, and lock ledges dusted included included
Counter tops and backsplashes wiped clean included included
Tub / shower and tile scrubbed included included
Cabinets spot wiped on the outside included included
Pictures & Knick-knacks dusted included included
Lampshades and lamps dusted included included
Furniture dusted included included
Beds made; 1 set of sheets changed included included
Ceiling fan blades washed included
Baseboards washed included
Cabinets washed top to bottom included
Windowsills and lock ledges washed included
Doors and door frames washed included
Exhaust fans washed included

*We are no longer offering move-in/out cleans unless you are a current client.

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Special Events

Airbnb (NO same day flips)

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  • Insurance up to one million dollars
  • A freshly cleaned home
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed